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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Running for the Bay Marathon

Last weekend I flew to Panama City, Florida for my marathon weekend.  I had registered for the "Running for the Bay Marathon" back in September, but I don't think I actually realized that I was going to run the race (and finish it) until about half-way through the 26.2 miles.  It was something that I had on my life list of things to do.  I don't know that I ever actually thought I would do it.  I started training back in August after running a lot this summer and as my long runs got longer and longer, I finally realized that I just might be ready.  I still can't believe I did it!

The race was in Apalochicola, Florida and I ran it with Derek, and his mom, Jan.

  It started at 7am on Saturday, October 23 and we began running on the bridge, over the bay, into the sunrise.  It was beautiful!  We had four long bridges to conquer, and on the way out (the first half), we were feeling good.  (I say "we" because I ended up running the whole race right next to Derek.)  The water was so peaceful, there was a nice breeze, and we even saw some dolphins! The way back, however, was a different story entirely. Derek's dad, Dusty, stopped by in the car a few times and was nice enough to make sure we had water/gatorade when we needed it and to take pictures along the way.   Boy, did we need it.  The way back was loooonnnngggg.  When we came off of St. George's Island and got back on the bridge, we could see the other end of the bridge - 7 miles away!!  Take a look...

It was a bit crazy, but we did finish.  I don't remember anything hurting that bad in my life, but someone smart once told me that the memories of pain fade over time, so I could be wrong...Either way, this memory is still fresh in my mind and I am enjoying the recovery.  I am proud of us for finishing and am glad that I was able to do it.

Over the weekend we got to do a bunch of fun stuff and here are a few pictures...

We visited the beach in Panama City Beach, FL.

 We got to play putt-putt.

 And we got to see an amazing sunset.


Corey said...

Great recap! I have a huge smile on my face seeing you guys. I'm so glad you started this! :)

Lauren said...

Thanks Corey!! I'm trying it out, and its pretty fun!