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Friday, November 12, 2010


Each year I try my hardest to make my classroom homey, cute, and motivating to both myself, and my students. Unfortunately, I have not yet mastered any of those qualities, but it is, for the most part, clean and efficient.  At the beginning of the semester, I have up a few important posters and labels, but it pretty much gets decorated as we go along.

Last week we finished our three week Art Unit.  We studied a lot of the traditional types of art, but this year to finish we studied an indigenious art, called "molas".  They are normally made by the women in the Kuna tribe, who live on barrier islands off the coast of Panama.  They are also normally made of layers of fabric that  sewn together to form a costume.  So we modified the art a little, but after learning about it, I photocopied them some designs and each student got to choose the colors for their design.  (Yes, this was glorified coloring - in high school!)  At the end of the class I told them they could put the art up on the wall, anywhere that they chose.

I was talking to some students about the upcoming test and could see that the students were putting them up on the walls, but wasn't really paying attention to where they put them.  When I finally turned around to pay attention, I realized they had put them all over behind my desk.  It looks awesome!  My little work corner is so colorful and bright now!!

 I started taking pictures and decided to get the rest of the classroom in there too.  Here are the rest of them.

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