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Sunday, November 14, 2010

NC State Football

Yesterday we went to the last home NC State football game.  The weather was gorgeous and they killed Wake Forrest (Dad, did you see the final score?!).  We headed down to tailgate a bit before the 2pm start game to meet up with Cameron, Mandy, Justin, and family, got a few games of Kan Jam in and had some awesome food.  Kan Jam is like bags, or cornhole, but you play with a frisbee and two cans.  Its really fun!

Our seats weren't great...we were in the end zone, up pretty high...but, they were free! 

It was a high of 65, and we had seats in the sun, so we stayed nice and warm!

Derek's friends have a tailgate right next to the stadium.  It is an amazing spot to people watch.

While waiting for the traffic to clear out, we kept the tailgate going and took some pictures.  Here is Derek getting ready for the frisbee in Kan Jam.  His partner throws the frisbee and he has to try to swat it into the can with one hand.  If it gets thrown in the slot, they automatically win.  

You can kind of tell in this picture, but the boys all had coordinating outfits for the day.  Derek and Justin had on matching brown corduroy pants and brown boots.  Justin and Cameron had on matching red polo's (down to the embroidered logo).  They claim it was not planned, but we are not sure. 

Here is Mandy and I.  She always makes us take pictures where she can stand on a curb because I am too tall... :) 
And one last picture, because it makes me smile.

After the tailgate we all went to see "Due Date".  It was pretty fun.  Definitely held up to the hype.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!


Corey said...

Ah I love all the pictures! I told Derek you guys better not be practicing Kan Jam since Zach and I couldn't, and he said "too late.." Oh well. Glad you had fun at the game. I can't believe you're wearing a scarf!! (makes me sweat just thinking about it!)

Lauren said...

Yes, we've been practicing. But don't get too worried, I still have a long way to go! And it was not as cool as expected this weekend, but the weather is definitely getting cooler. You better be ready for it when you come home!

Paula said...

aww i love the last picture!

Lauren said...

Thanks Paula - me too!