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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Thursday was a whirlwind.  The house was full of people.  12 adults, 2 dogs, and one very adorable toddler.  Everyone from my family was together (mom, dad, Cath, Paula, Matt, and I) and my mom's sister, Janet, came with their whole family, Emily, Jeff, and Bailey, and Maggie and her boyfriend Jimmy.  A big group!!  We missed their older sister Katie dearly (she lives in Oregon) but she is coming back next week, so everyone will get to see her soon (they will have to send me pictures).  Growing up, it was so much fun living close to my aunt and uncle and cousins because we always did holidays together and they have three girls, almost the same age as my sisters and I.  Its even more fun as we all get older and add to the family.

We had so much fun catching up and watching the dogs chase each other around.  Bailey also showed off with all of her talking and her somersaults!!  My mom also insisted that we pose for our Christmas card picture, so I posted a few of the ones that we will NOT be using.  (I'm not allowed to spoil the real thing!)

Most of the gang at dinner.

Uncle Bobby, Aunt Janet, and Maggie

My whole family, including the grand-mutt, Chief. 
This will not be our Christmas card picture...can you tell who's not smiling?

Back row: Uncle Bobby, Jimmy, Jeff, Front row: Milo, Janet, Bailey, Maggie, and Emily.
I love this one because you can tell that Aunt Janet is trying to make Bailey smile, but it is not working. :)

I love this one of my parents.

And all of the cousins.  We will have to photoshop Katie into this picture. 

I stole all of these pictures from my mom's computer, so I'm sure I will be posting more pictures of my own when I get back home (candids!).  I love pictures, especially at the holidays!!

** I also added pictures to this post from a few weeks ago.  **


Katie McNeeley said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Sad I missed it :(. Hope you're feeling better, Laur! xoxo

Lauren said...

Thanks Katie!! Its so good to hear from you!!!