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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This week just keeps getting better.

When I first started thinking about doing morning practices this year for swim team the thought was always there in the back of my mind, but I never wanted to acknowledge it.  What happens if I oversleep?  I am the only coach that goes each morning to be with these kids.  There is no other adult that can take over, and none of the swimmers have my cell phone number, dumb, I know now, because "it" happened today.

I still don't know what happened, but I was awoken this morning to a phone call, at 5:30am!! Practice starts at 5:15.  I jumped in the car and was at the pool by 5:45, but still - the coach was late!!  Ahhh - this was great timing as well, because I just gave them a talk yesterday about being responsible...hahaha, wow, I am such a great example.  I still, to this moment have absolutely no recollection of my alarm going off.  I know I set it, because I double and triple check it like a maniac every night.  My only explanation is that I turned it off in my sleep?

The other thought I had the whole drive down to the pool was, why did they wait 15 minutes to call me?!  Now I realize that none of the swimmers have my cell phone number, but the real reason, I later found out was that one of my swimmers had thought the she had seen me in the parking lot when she got dropped off.  Therefore, when I didn't show up at 5:15 to run practice, they assumed I was still making my way down to the pool??  Yeah, high schoolers, I don't know.  Finally, someone had gone over to a WAVE coach to see if they had seen me and the WAVE coach ended up calling and waking me up.
Needless to say, my day didn't start well and so far, that flustered, failure feeling has pretty much stayed with me all day.  Hopefully, this is a lesson to myself.  I have developed a back-up plan in case it happens again.  And with that plan I specifically informed my swimmers that if they don't see me at 5:15, to call immediately, not to wait.  We have a plan in place, but I hope I don't need it because I will also be setting about 3 alarms each morning, as well :).

I was really hoping that this was not going to happen to me, but it did.  So now, here's to hoping its my only sleep-in of the season.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

On a side note, I'm still feeling a little sick and when I showed up to the pool, I had absolutely no voice.  I have been whispering/croaking all day long.  That actually got me some sympathy votes from the swimmers...is that bad that I feel a little ok about that?


Corey said...

Oh no! I used to feel like that when I was the one who had the key to the building that our summer camp was in. I only overslept one time too, so hopefully today was your only day! :)

Lauren said...

I hope so too!