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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Time on my hands

I have a little bit of time on my hands right now, so yesterday, I started going through my pictures.  I partially wanted to do it because it makes me happy, and partially because it is preparation for a Christmas project.  Looking at old pictures makes me smile because it helps you remember things that happened, what people said, and how much you love your friends and family.

Here are some of my favorites...

...The first few are from Andrea's wedding in September.  I love how happy everyone looks.

Any pictures of Quonny make me smile...Here is my mom, sisters, grandma, and I on the porch of the cottage.
And sunsets at the breachway are the prettiest in the world.

The next one is my mom, sisters, and I at Paula's Bachelorette Party.  I love it because its in front of the Chicago skyline.
This is when Paula walked out in the dress, that would be her wedding dress, for the first time.  I love it because you can see it on her face.  

Liz and Sarah, are in the next two pictures, and they rarely take boring picture, but these are great.  You can always count on them to strike some sort of ridiculous pose or make some crazy face, and I love it.  I love them too!

Here are some of my favorites of my parents.  

This next one of my dad cracks me up.  While we were growing up, we had a dog, Zosia, and she was the best.  But she was not allowed upstairs, nor on furniture.  She was not fed food from the table, etc.  Matt and Paula have a dog, Chief, and my dad has turned into a huge softie.  All rules are out the window with the "grand-dog".  Here they are, spending quality time together.  Note that Chief is on the couch, with his blanket and Bob has nothing to say about it.  :)

Here are some of Derek and I that I like...This first one was while he was opening his birthday presents...he looks so happy!  I think he was also yelling something at me...Lets hope I do as well for Christmas...
This is from July 3rd, when we went to watch fireworks.
This is the look I normally get when I take out my camera. 
Underwater cameras are the coolest!!

Here are some more favorites in no specific order...I hope you're not getting bored yet!
Some of my teacher friends at graduation last year.

We played putt-putt in Myrtle Beach (because its the putt-putt capitol of the world).

The Nosal girls and Andrea at Andrea's bridal shower.

My sisters and I at a Cubs game for my 25th birthday.

Andrea used to make fun-fetti cakes for everyone's birthday.  They are so good.  When we did a girls weekend last August it was so fun to see that fun-fetti is still alive and well.  I loved it!  (Her pose is also priceless.)

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