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Monday, November 22, 2010


I am home from school, yet again, today.  I had every intention of working today and tomorrow, but it just didn't work out that way.  So, here I am, sitting on my couch, trying to keep myself from going crazy.

In this post, two weeks ago, I first mentioned that I wasn't feeling well, and I went to see the doctor.  They told me it was a virus of some sort and I just had to wait it out.   I waited and while it wasn't awful, I definitely wasn't feeling like my energetic self.

Last week, after a second trip to the doctor, I was told I had mono.  I haven't heard much of that since high school, but at least it explained why I still didn't feel good.  They told me to go home and rest.  So, all weekend long I rested.  For four days, I sat on my couch, watched some movies, read my great book, and did a little school work.  I felt a little better, but who really knew, seeing as I had not ventured far from the couch.  Monday (today) came along, and I figured I would surely be able to go back to school.  I was excited at the thought of interacting with people and getting stuff done!

Unfortunately, my body had other plans for me today and while at swim practice this morning, I fainted.  It scared me enough to go home and call the doctor.  After explaining my new symptoms, they took another (closer) look at my test results and realized, oh yes, that I also have strep throat.  Not what I wanted to hear, but it explains why I am not getting better, and even better than that, it is treatable with something other than "rest".  So here I sit, hoping, wishing, and praying that I will feel better soon.

With the meds, I am hoping that I am feeling good enough to travel home on Thursday...and the doctor Ok'd it (and I am not supposed to be contagious)!!  Because even though I am 26 years old and fully capable of taking care of myself, its so nice to think that my mom will be around to take care of me in just a few days.

Gosh, I am such a baby!!  So there's my update.  I have no exciting pictures to show, and I'm sure no one would want to see them.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!

*Shoutout* - Thank you, Mom, you helped me so much this morning!  I know that you would have much rather slept in, but talking to you made me feel so much better.  I love you!

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carol said...

I would not have rather slept in and you call me any time day or night. Just put up with me talking nonsense for a couple of minutes until I wake up. Love you and miss you.