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Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Favorite Things

This time of year, everyone is asking about Christmas lists.  My favorite Christmas list to see is Oprah's.  Watching her "Favorite Things" episode is always one of my Christmas time faves.  It could be due to the fact that she finds the coolest things to put on there, or because she gives one of each to everyone in the audience!

This year, Oprah taped her Favorite things episode on a morning in November.  They always tape two shows in one day, so of course the people waiting in line for the afternoon taping realized that they had just barely missed the ultimate show-of-all-shows as everyone walked out with all of their goodies...wow, talk about bad luck.  Oprah, of course, had something up her sleeve...she had decided to do two "Favorite Things" episodes this year and the people in the afternoon taping were so surprised!  Ohhhh, what I would have given to be in the audience...sigh.

In honor of Oprah, and her last season on TV, I am going to show you some of my favorite things...These are things I am thankful to already have (sorry, no Christmas ideas here), but they are my favorites, and could give you an idea about what to gift someone else.  

1. My Uggs.  Yes, they are the ugliest things I have ever put on my feet, but they are also, by far, the comfiest and coziest.

2. My cowl neck sweater from Loft (40% off right now!).  With this crazy cold spell, I will be able to stay nice and warm (and maybe take the attention away from my clod-hopper feet - see above).

3.  My running shoes.  Nike has such a great selection of fun colored shoes. 
4. The Office, Season 2.  It's still my favorite season.  Check out the episode where Michael burns his foot on the George Foreman...I know what's coming, but I still laugh for the entire episode every time I see it.

5. My lime green computer.  (yes, its really lime green)  No one will ever confuse it with their own, it is uniquely mine.

6.  Portillo's.  Their food is amazing!  It is the only thing (other than my family and friends, of course) that I really miss from Chicago.  The best things on the menu are the hot dogs and the chopped salad, but you really can't go wrong.  Maybe I can petition for one to open in NC...

7.   The Ultra Marathon Man.  I have read it 3 times already.  It supplies me with endless motivation.

8.  My Keurig.  I have saved so much money on coffee this year...Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks were ringing me dry...Keurig takes all the work out of making coffee.  My favorite flavors are Island Coconut and Gingerbread.
9.  Christmas Music.  All of it.  I currently am loving the Glee Christmas Album, but I have always been a big fan of the Mariah Carey Christmas CD.  It reminds me of home and everyone in the family having fun together.

10.  A Christmas Story.  When they play the 24 hour marathon on TBS the day before Christmas I usually watch it at least twice...My parents actually bought me my own copy a few years ago and I have been known to watch it in the middle of summer (did I really just admit that?!).   This year I found "A Christmas Story" wrapping paper at Target...so if you are one of the lucky ones, Ralphy just might show up on your present.  :)

My favorite things might not be super high tech, and a crowd of people might not want one of each, but I love them.  What are your favorite things?

Side note:  I've been known to over-use the word "favorite" in the past...this might just affirm the belief, that I, in fact, have a ton of "favorites".   It's ok, I admit it.


Corey said...

Great post! I love the Mariah Carey Christmas cd too!

Three of my favorite things are:
-My stainless steel water bottle, because it keeps water colder than my plastic one.
-NROLFW (New Rules of Lifting For Women) book. I'm excited to start it back up in January now that I've given my shoulder some rest!
-Any type of good organizational tool. (That sounds odd..) I love my makeup bag, photo albums, desk organizer, baskets/boxes for the apartment, etc!

Paula said...

yes you do love the word favorite!!! my top favorite things in our condo right now are... chief & matt (given :-), a vintage mercury glass votive holder i just bought, my pink and grey adidas sneakers, any american apparel tshirt, and my brown boots! and pad seew thai food with miso soup! obv not in our condo