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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow Day!!

Today, school was cancelled, and I couldn't be happier.  I got to sleep in because last night they already had announced a two hour delay, and as of right now, (11:30am) I am still in my pajama's!!  Now, I'm not that big of a lazy bum, because this morning I have already made Oreo Balls, wrapped presents, and done a little cleaning (a really little bit).

One of my coworkers is having a cookie exchange tonight, so I am lucky that I had time to make my cookies this morning (I obviously would have been showing up with store-bought versions otherwise).  I made Oreo Balls, which were surprisingly easy to make.  I used Mint Oreo's to mix it up a little bit and then I put dark chocolate under the white chocolate. Check out Corey's Cooking Blog for the full recipe. She made them last week, and they were a hit.  I hope mine are as well.

Last night we had our holiday party for the group I coach at WAVE.  The kids had so much fun and the hour and a half flew by (and I was worried that we weren't going to be able to keep their attention).  We all decorated Christmas ornaments.  I haven't done a craft in forever and I had so much fun...maybe more than the kids.  Surprisingly, even the 13 year old boys loved their ornaments.  Here are some pictures...

I was so excited to get some new ornaments for my tree.  Some were homemade, gifted during the party, but they were all beautiful (even the ones I decorated).  Annnnnnd, my team mom made me take home some of the decorations she had bought for the party!  They were ceramic mini Christmas plates.  I love them!! I am so excited to be adding to my decorations collection!

Back to the snow day... I'm sure the roads are bad (not that I would know), but I still giggle a little when I see how crazy (maybe over-prepared is a better word) everyone here gets when there is snow predicted.  Yesterday there was a forecast of 1-3 inches for today and when I went to get my mail around 3 in the afternoon, my neighbor had already salted his 12 foot long driveway.  I had to take a picture:

And it was maybe 45 and sunny at this point, so giggle I did, a lot.


Corey said...

How fun!! I wish we had a snow day. The mint oreo balls look amazing!

Lauren said...

The mint Oreo balls are good and there is plenty of cold weather ready to welcome you back!