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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Book Recommendation

In trying to keep my workout kick going, I headed to my neighborhood gym this morning to escape the cold.  The treadmills were full when I got there.  Grrr.  But I hopped on the elliptical and gave it a shot.  I hadn't really tried it out since college, and you know what? - it was a pretty good workout.  I did 35 minutes at a pretty good resistance.  Not bad.

By then a treadmill was open and I walked another 2.5 miles at 4.0 speed with a 3.5 incline.  I should have run, I know, but I was so into my book, I just couldn't.  I was afraid that if I ran I would bounce too much to read, or, worst case scenario, I would sweat too much and mess up my kindle.  I know, it sounds pathetic.

I am reading Born to Run by Christopher Mcdougall.  It is really good.  It has taken most of my beliefs about running and turned them completely upside down.  It supports barefoot running, comfortable paces, unique vegetarian diets, and using spirituality to improve your running.  It points out the cons of Nike, expensive running shoes, the current way of life of society in general, and eating meet.  Interesting.  I do not agree with everything it says, but it is one argument, and it does present an incredibly interesting perspective.  There are things I will take from it, and things that might just be a little too far out there for me to believe, but it is interesting, all the same.

Also, it is centered on the belief that humans have survived and evolved as an ultra-running species.  It has historical and scientific facts to support this.  It takes you into central Mexico and describes the tribes that still exist, running 60 miles back to back days and hunting animals simply by chasing them until they are too tired to go on.  Wow.  It finishes off by staging a race between ultra-running greats from around the world and members of the tribe in Mexico.  It was non-fiction, but had character development and plot like any other novel...with a whole lot of research jargon thrown in.  I couldn't put it down.

Both the Spanish teacher and aspiring runner in me are intrigued and inspired.  Who woulda thought?  I am 97% complete with the book (according to my kindle, they don't count by page numbers :) and I love it.  I want to read it again.

I am obviously no professional book reviewer, so go here  to see a real review.

**Sidenote - Illinois (22) plays Ohio State (1) today at noon central time.  Go get 'em Illini! **

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