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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My friend Cassie is going to Chicago in March, and she asked for some ideas of things to do while there.  I thought that maybe other's would like to see this as well.  I have done my fair share of playing tourist in Chicago, but my sister is far more qualified than I to give advice on this, so I asked her.  This is her list of things to do in Chicago (with a few of my own comments added in). 

Things to see and do -

1.) Willis Tower (Sears Tower) http://www.theskydeck.com/   
                General Admission from 10am - 7:30pm is $16 per adult
                Make sure its a clear day!  They have a ledge with a glass bottom that sticks out from the side of the building.

2.) The Shed Aquarium - $27 per person

3.) Lincoln Park Zoo - Free admissions and its pretty cool to see considering its in the middle of the city right on the lake.

4.) Navy Pier - Its its nice it can be fun to walk around and it give you a cool view of the city.  Its free to go but you have to pay to do stuff there.  They have a ferris wheel that is huge!

4.) Museums - Some are good others are just ok.  It depends on what you're interested in.
              Museum of Science and Industry - http://www.msichicago.org/ 
                    Open 9:30am - 4pm   General Admission is $15 per person
              Field Museum - http://www.fieldmuseum.org/
                    Open 9am - 5pm  General Admission is $15 per person
              The Art Institute - http://www.artic.edu/aic/   $18 per person
5.) Shopping - Michigan Avenue, State Street, or in the neighborhoods such as Bucktown / Wickerpark.

7.) Millennium Park - Right downtown, on the lake.  There is an outdoor amphitheater and the "Bean".

The Bean

8.) Chicago Botanic Garden - I've never actually been but everyone who has, loves it.  I believe you can take the L or a train straight to it as well.  http://www.chicago-botanic.org/
9.) Sports - If you have time and are willing to pay for tickets the Bulls games or Black Hawk games are always fun.  And in the summer, don't forget the Cubs or the White Sox!
10.) Theater / Shows - There are tons of shows in Chicago.   I saw Wicked a few years ago and loved it!!  The Apollo theater in Lincoln Park is playing Million Dollar Quartet right now and its supposed to be amazing!
11.) John Hancok Building Restaurant (The Signature Room) or Trump Tower Bar - The restaurants are expensive but you can go up and just have a drink at the bar and not have to pay for a whole dinner.  They are both way up and the views are supposed to be amazing.

John Hancock Building.
Places to Eat -
1.) Chicago Pizza Places - Giordano's or Lou Malnati's have great deep dish pizza.  Art of Pizza is my sister's favorite but its located in lake view, north of downtown (I've been there, and I agree, it is goooood).
2.) Steakhouses - There are ton of great steak houses in Chicago - you really can't go wrong with any of them.  Wildfire or Weber Grill are less expensive ones and more casual as well.
3.) Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinders (Lincoln Park)  - they do an upside down style pizza but its very good! They take cash only and there is typically a wait.  This place is unique, delicious, and a must!
4.) Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba - This is a fun spanish tapas place in Lincoln Park.  They do small appetizer size meals to pass around.  The idea is that each person picks a dish to pass and everyone gets to try it.  Very fun.
5.) Portillo's - Chicago specialty with great italian beef, hot dogs, salads and onion rings!  Its a mix between fast food and sit down.

6.) Sushi - Coast is a great sushi place and is delicious! - Its in Bucktown though, which is a neighborhood a little northwest of downtown.  My sister took me here last year and it was amazing!  If you are a sushi lover, you have to try it.

Paula and I at Coast last year.

7.) Grand Luxe Cafe or Cheesecake Factory can be fun and both are downtown right on Michigan Ave.
8.) Brunch - My sisters and I have tried out a bunch of amazing brunch places, ask if you are interested.  Too many to list.  I can say that Feast is my favorite.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite big city!  Next time you take a visit you'll know where to go!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you know you are in a big city when they have a museum to show you a field! Heck we have those all over the place in NC. :) M(J)

Anonymous said...

There's got to be a good story about the "bean." Can't wait to hear it. dw

Corey said...

Thanks for sharing! I *may* be using it in the near future! :)

Lauren said...

Hmmmm. Here's to hoping! If it happens, we can try some of these out...see the Field Museum, and the Bean!!