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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Paula!

I forgot the post for Paula's birthday last week, but she turned 29, on January 2nd, and this is the big one, as its the last before that scary number 30.  Lucky for her, she still get's mistaken for way younger than she is and probably will for a while.  Hopefully its the good genes. Wink.wink.  She's the oldest of the three of us and has taught us all along the way.  

10 things I love about my sister.

1. She's incredibly smart (wow, math!)
2. And creative.  She has an artsy side that you wouldn't expect from someone in accounting.
3. She is so organized!  I didn't get any of those genes and I envy her for it.
4.She has a wonderful fun side that especially comes out whenever she is with my little sister.  Seriously. They become 5 years old again every time they are together.
5. She has a huge heart.  She cries at sappy movies and even sappy commercials.  
6. She is a great, clever, imaginative cook.
7. She is one of the best bargain shoppers I know.
8. She is a wonderful friend.  She will do anything and go anywhere for a friend (or a sister) in need. 
9. She tackles problems head on.  I like to dance around them on occasion, but she is a great problem solver.
10. Her swishy voice.

Happy Birthday Paula!!


Paula said...

thanks lor - you made my day! love you!

Lauren said...

Anytime sister! I love you! Sorry its belated.

Catherine said...

#10 is my fave!!! I encourage it everytime!!