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Monday, January 3, 2011

Resolutions for Twenty Eleven

I feel like January 1st is a fresh new start.  It reminds me to set goals and dream a little.  As an athlete I have always set goals for myself and I like them to be easily measured.  That way I can say, I did it or I did not do it.  The "I tried" is not really what I'm shooting for.  I do the same thing every year on my birthday, I make a short-list of goals for the year and it helps me stay directed in my life and figure out where I want to go.   So here are my goals for this year...

1.  Get Healthy.  I felt like I was in the best shape of my life in October when I ran the marathon!  I was toned and felt amazing, then "the mono" struck and I was incredibly frustrated.  I didn't work out for almost two months because at first I was too tired, and then I was told not to get my heart rate up.  Now, however, I'm back on the workout train and ready to get in shape!  I haven't actually gained any weight, but I know that I lost a lot of muscle and endurance and I have gotten what I lovingly refer to as "squishy".  I want to get toned again and I want to feel good.  So here is the measurable part of the goal...I want to work out at least 5 days a week this year.  Two rest days a week will keep me balanced.  I'm not defining what a "workout" consists of because right now, it isn't much, and I don't want to limit myself later on in the year when I'm in super good shape (wishful thinking!).  I also am aiming to lose 10 pounds.  That is a way to help keep me on track and help measure my success.

2.  Spend less money on clothing.  I'm actually pretty good at saving money, but I do tend to buy a lot of clothing.  A lot more than I need at least!  I just cleaned out my closet (for the second time this year) and I have a huge pile of things to go to Good Will.  I am embarrassed to say that a few things even have tags on them still!!  Ahhh.   I don't buy expensive clothes, but I do buy a lot.  And I cannot resist a good deal.  This year I pledge to stay away from the malls and only buy what I really really need.  I'm even going to take some of my current stuff to the tailor so that I can still wear them without replacing the item.  If anyone in the area knows of a good tailor, please share with me!  (Sidenote:  I realize that there is no way to measure this goal.  (Oops)

3.  Run at least one half-marathon this year.  I would love to do another marathon, but a half would do.  I want to make sure I keep up my long distance running!

4.  Finish work on my house.  I bought a new townhome three years ago this past December.  I love it! and it truly has become home to me.  When I first moved in I bought the necessary furniture to live, painted most of it, and I have slowly decorated it so that it is becoming cozy and it reflects my personality. I stopped doing stuff around my house about a year ago and there is still a lot to do.

House To Do List:

  • Paint both upstairs bathrooms
  • Replace mirrors and light fixtures in the bathrooms
  • Get towels and bath mats (that actually match)
  • Hang a rod for coats in the front hall closet
  • Weather strip the front door
  • Hang curtains in my bedroom
  • Get a nightstand for my room
  • Hang curtains on the living room window
  • Organize the garage
  • Put a backsplash up in the kitchen (maybe)
  • Look around for bargains on granite or nice kitchen counters and see if I can redo mine (dream)
Now that I've written this list, I see how long it really is...Yikes!  I have my work cut out for me! But most of them seem doable.

5.  Get myself to Quonnie this summer!!

If this isn't motivation...I don't know what is.  

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