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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Catching Up

This morning we had high school Regionals!  The swimmers did really well; we have 5 relays swimming next week at the State meet in addition to 8 individual swims.  I was happy that they swam fast.  One of the swimmers that made it to State is not a year round swimmer!!  Score one for me :).

Other than blizzard updates, I haven't said much about what I've been up to, so other than teaching and coaching, this is it... (beware, this is kind of a random mix.)

Two weeks ago my teaching mentor, Laurie gave me two free tickets to go see the 'Canes.  Yay!  It was teacher appreciate night at the RBC Center, so Derek and I went and got to see the Hurricane's 1000th win.  They also debuted the banners for Cam Ward and another player (that's embarrassing that I can't remember who).  There was a bunch of excitement and fanfare as it was their last home game before the All-Star game on January 28th.  The seats were pretty good.  We sat on the end, but they shot at our end twice, which, according to Derek, made the seats better.  I thought it was just nice to be that close to the ice!

The 'Canes won! and there were a few good fights.  This is bad to admit, but I like hockey because of the fights.  They are so exciting and raw to me.  There are few sports left where the athletes are allowed to keep fighting during competition.  Once they hit the ice or it gets too serious, they always break it up anyway.  But now you know, I rate how good a hockey game is based on how many fights I get to see.  

Last Saturday, to celebrate the end of the first semester and the completion of finals/grade reporting a bunch of teachers met in downtown Raleigh at a piano bar.  We had a blast!

Laura and I

Laura, Karen and I

Laura, Rachael, myself, and Cassie
Speaking of the change of the semester...I have had my new second semester students for two weeks now and they seem like they are great.  I was blessed with funny, intelligent students last semester and this semester, it seems like I got pretty lucky again.  Thank goodness.  I have had some semesters that have truly tested my patience, so I know this is not guaranteed, but so far, my students have been really fun!

Wednesday we went to see NC State play Virginia Tech....The outcome was not as happy as the hockey game.
One frustrated fan.
Let's hope that they turn their season around soon, March Madness is coming! 

Last night Derek and I tried Fondue.  It was delish.  The recipe we used was made with swiss cheese, a little bit of flour, garlic powder, and nutmeg.  We dipped french bread, pretzel rolls, and carrots (I had to get a veggie in that dinner somewhere).  I haven't ever made my own fondue, so it was new.

Fondue and a movie.  A very nice Friday night.

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