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Monday, February 28, 2011

A New Tundra and the Gala Recap

Derek got a new truck today...its pretty awesome.  He had a pretty great day all around.  :)

...And here is the promised picture from Saturday's Aquagala... 

It was really fun to see all of the coaches/parents dressed up in something other than our usual uniform of t-shirts and shorts.  TAC looked great, they raised a bunch of money, and it was fun!  I, myself, did not bid on anything during the auction, but they did have lots of very cool items that they auctioned off. 

And the total outfit...haha, don't mind the professional photography... (thanks for the help, Paula!)


Carol said...

Great truck! Congrats Derek!!
Cute outfit Lor!

Paula said...

very cute! and love the hat D.