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Friday, February 18, 2011

Small World

Yesterday in class we were reviewing the imperfect past tense in Spanish.  Its used for repeated actions in the past so a common topic that we use with this grammar point is our childhoods.  To get the students interested in talking about their own childhoods, I always start by giving them a brief overview of my own childhood; pictures included.  The pictures I use for this activity are gems, let me tell you.  My mom emailed them to me one year when I was frantically (last-minute) lesson planning and I keep forgetting to get new ones when I go home. 

Anyway, when I do this, I go all the way up through high school.  One of my pictures is of me, in my swimming parka, from my senior year of high school.  How crazy is this?  When one of my students saw the picture, he told me that he went to that same high school last year.  He just moved here from Illinois.  

Then, in the next class, we were doing the same lesson and I was talking about where I lived as a child.  It turns out, another one of my students lived in Pennsylvania...in the same small town as me.  When I was showing the picture of my first day of school, she recognized my awful uniform and, as it turns out, we went to the same elementary school!  Wow.   What a small world.

There is obviously a pretty big age difference, so we don't know any of the same people, but it is fun to talk about the places unique to each town.  I cannot believe that in one day, I discovered two students that had lived in the same places and I had.  And neither of those places are all that big, nor are they all that close to here.  It was a nice little surprise/deviation from the normal school day.  

Here you are...some of the "awesome" super embarrassing pictures. And yes, that darling girl from the picture at the beginning of the post - that's me, too :)  

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Paula said...

what a small world indeed! i love those pictures :-)