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Sunday, March 27, 2011

House Update

I have not been very good about documenting the updates on my house.  Probably because I haven't done much in a while.  This weekend I finished up my own bathroom and tackled the guest bathroom so that it would finally be "usable" for guests.  I have several guests coming in the next few weeks!! - soooo excited!

Anyway...I repainted this bathroom a few weeks ago, but I added a little to it this week.  I put up a shelf in my bathroom and now I feel like it is "finished."

The shelf holds a candle, an air freshener, some hand towels, and a gorgeous glass blown starfish that Jan and Dusty got me that matches perfectly!

I hadn't done much in the guest bathroom since my last roomate moved out (last June) so it was in need of a bath mat, a shower curtain, some towels, and some decorations.  

Nothing special.

Started out as a mish-mash of accessories, but I picked a shower curtain that would match my old towels and bath mat, so at least I saved some money there.  And I am not yet ready to tackle painting another bathroom, so the mustard yellow will stay, for now.  That picture frame (that needs a picture) was one that I had already.  Overall, its not too bad.  At least now when I have visitors come to town, they will have their own bathroom/shower.

Here is the "house to do list" that I created in my New Years Resolution post.  I have gotten to cross a few things off the list, but I obviously have a looong way to go.  At least its only March...

  • Paint both upstairs bathrooms (I did one, does that count?)
  • Replace mirrors and light fixtures in the bathrooms (not planning on doing this anymore)
  • Get towels and bath mats (that actually match)
  • Hang a rod for coats in the front hall closet 
  • Weather strip the front door
  • Hang curtains in my bedroom
  • Get a nightstand for my room
  • Hang curtains on the living room window
  • Organize the garage
  • Put a backsplash up in the kitchen (maybe)
  • Look around for bargains on granite or nice kitchen counters and see if I can redo mine (dream)


Corey said...

You're making progress... You only have one thing each month to do! That's easy :)

Paula said...

looks great! and i like the shower curtain!