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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Love the Color Green

 I am not Irish, I'm Polish, but I guess I can pretend for a day?  And green is my favorite color.

I've learned that down here in NC, celebrating St. Patty's day doesn't quite match up to the craziness that happens in Chicago in the month of March.  There must be a huge amount of Irish people in Chicago (or people who pretend they are Irish) because it celebrates like no other place I have heard of, except maybe Ireland.  They hold the South-side Irish parade each year and ... they dye the Chicago River green!  It is absolutely crazy.  To read more about it, go to The Green Chicago River Website and check it out for yourself.   

I was never much into it when I lived there, but I can appreciate a good celebration as much as the next person.  Especially one that includes green.  Everywhere.  

All of my students wore green today, as did all of the teachers.   It was so fun!  What doesn't seem like fun is this pinching thing I heard about. I was told that if you don't wear green...you get pinched!  Good thing I wore green.  And no, I did not pinch any students!  I don't participate in this pinching game.  By the way...how have I never heard of this before today?  In all my 26 years?! - Everyone seems to know about it.

Like I said, I am not Irish, but it is fun to wear green for the day.  And who doesn't like another excuse to smile and tell people to be "happy" during the week?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

...I hope you didn't get pinched...


Corey said...

That looks so wild! Maybe next St. Patrick's day, we'll get to see it! Who knows :)

Lauren said...

Wouldn't that be fun?!