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Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Run-Day

I started this week of great, with a quick run.  After my staff meeting, it was a great way to de-stress from work and relax.

I took a three mile loop around a lake by my house and even though it was stormy and rainy yesterday, today was pretty nice.  About 55 degrees, pretty sunny, and only a little windy.

I ended up running the first two miles at 8:15 minute/mile pace (can you tell I was anxious to get moving after work?)! And then I ran the last mile at 9:00 pace.  Haha, as you can see I am still getting back to my previous level of fitness.

I took my iPod on the run today and I just let it shuffle the songs.  For the most part, I let my mind run, but I did notice three songs during the run:

1.  Black Rock by O.A.R.
2.  Life Goes On by Tupac Shakur
3.  Single Ladies by Beyonce

The other songs just kind of blended into one another, but these three stood out.  I have no idea why.  Maybe its because they have a good beat that was in sync with my running, maybe its because I associate them with good memories.  O.A.R was a favorite in high school and Single Ladies reminds me of my sister Paula's sweet dance moves.  Either way, it is entertaining to see the wide variety of music that got my attention today.

And a picture...This is why I did not go running yesterday.  Ew.  I love spring, but I absolutely hate the storms that come along with it.

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