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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One Year

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of when  Derek and I officially became a couple.  It was a big deal to us and I am so happy.  I love us together, just the way we are and am so excited about what's to come.  It's been a great year!

We planned to go to the Melting Pot for dinner because we had a coupon for a dessert (Yes, I ate dessert.  I cheated.  I won't eat sweets this Sunday.  I thought the occasion warranted some sweets) but we ended up not being able to print it, so we will be going back again :).  The weather was gorgeous yesterday, so even though it is March, I was able to wear a tank top and not even get cold!

I, of course, left my camera charging on the kitchen counter, so these pictures are thanks to my iphone.
The self-portraits weren't great, but this was the best one.

We had the funniest waiter, "Eddie" who loved talking to us.  I can almost tell you his whole life story.  He was pretty funny though, and did offer to get us extra stuff.

We thought it was very fitting that I got green utensils and Derek got gray.  Green is my favorite color, as we all know :) and Derek says that gray "is the only color he would have chosen."   Derek actually told me to take this picture.  I think he was very happy he was not given hot pink utensils.

Check out that feast!!!  Soooo good.

Last night was wonderful!  But I woke up today feeling awful...I am hoping it is allergies.  I have been running outside even though the pollen count is high and I think it has finally caught up with me.  Yesterday I had a little bit of a sore throat.  Today, it feels as though my head is so stuffed up it might just float away.  On the menu for today...lots of Gatorade and I'm staying inside.  

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Corey said...

1. Jealous of melting pot!

2. Love the key sticking out in the picture of you. [Good job Derek! :) ]