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Friday, March 18, 2011

Warm Weather

Today was 85 degrees and sunny!  Yes, you just read that correctly.  I'll say it again though.  Today was 85 degrees and sunny!  Yes, it is March, and no, spring hasn't started yet.  That happens on Sunday.

I walked out of school today and the minute I felt the heat of the sun hit my face, I was in heaven. Every muscle in relaxed and I was chilled out and ready for the weekend.  I probably would have stood in the student courtyard of the high school for a while, but another teacher called my name and we chatted, heading to our cars to start the weekend.  I love weekends.  And the sun.

It's days like this that remind me what drew me down south in the first place.  The nice weather.  I know it sounds very superficial, but in reality, it's pretty true.  Everyone is happier when the weather is nicer, people spend more time being active, people are outdoors more and all of that that definitely puts a smile on my face.  Sure, there were other reasons...a good job, an area with lots of opportunity, lower cost of living, and a chance to get out of my comfort zone....but essentially, I think it was the promise of warm weather, lots of motivation to be active (running, kayaking, biking, oh my!), and a close proximity to the beach.  Call me superficial, but on days like today, I promise you, the warm weather wins me over every time.

I'm happy I chose to try it out. I always miss having my family a short car ride away, but visits and phone calls can keep us close and when you love them like I do, you can't keep us apart for long.  I've met people here who have motivated me, challenged me, and inspired me...And I'm pretty happy right where I am.

Please ignore the dust on my dashboard.

Happy Friday!

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