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Monday, April 4, 2011

Girls Weekend in SC

I headed to South Carolina with Liz on Thursday night.  We were meeting up with Andrea and Sarah, two of our oldest and closest friends from high school.  It was an amazing weekend.  Andrea's sister, Katie, was there, along with her husband, Corey.  Corey was a great sport and hung out (put up) with all of the girls all weekend.  It was so nice to see them all.

On Thursday, Andrea had pizza waiting for us when we got there and we sat up talking most of the night.  Then on Friday we made our way to the beach in the convertible (Andrea's car was in the shop for the weekend, so we got to ride with the top down!).  The beach was freezing, and windy, but we did stay there, chatting for several hours.

After the beach, we all got a little pampered and had our nails done :).  

Friday night we made sure to celebrate Sarah's birthday (May 5), just in case we are not together before then to celebrate.

On Saturday we slept in, went for a group run, and then headed out on the boat.  It started off really chilly, but the sun came out and I for one, got a ton of sun.  I am feeling a little crispy today.  

This is some homeless girl we found sleeping on Sandy Island.
Just kidding...Katie was trying to stay warm in the wind.

Sarah and Liz

More good times at Sandy Island

Sarah and I.

Leaving Sandy Island to head back to the marina.

Liz and Andrea on the boat.


Oh, Hello!

Not a cloud in the sky, my oldest girlfriends, and some sun.  What more could you ask for?  It was a great weekend and I am going to miss those girls. Until next time...  :)

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