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Monday, April 11, 2011

Marshmallows Do Go Bad

Friday night Derek really wanted some rice krispy treats (the only sweets he eats!) so I went about making him some...

From the start the marshmallows didn't look right.  They were puffing up instead of melting down.  They weren't loosing their shape, they were just getting bigger.  I, of course, kept on cooking, thinking that they would eventually melt.  It didn't.  But, it did start to burn.  And caramelize.  And turn brown.  Gross.

So, just like that I was banned from the kitchen.  Derek discovered that I had used Country Crock instead of  margarine.  Which I did, but that's beside the point.  :)  Because I was banned from the kitchen, but Derek still had to have his rice krispy treats, he tried the next batch on his own, with me watching skeptically.

Look at that evil eye!

Unfortunately, this is what he came up with...slightly better than my attempt, but not great.

Yes we piled the new mush on top of the old mush because we were afraid to put it straight into the trash for fear it might burn a hole in the trash bag/can.

I was slightly happy, of course, because it was not my bad country crock move that had ruined the first batch, but we still had to figure it out.  Upon closer look at the marshmallow bags, we discovered that both bags had expired in February of 2011.  Bingo.

After a quick run to the store, we had new mallows, finished treats, and a great dessert.  I took Derek's word for it, because I am still doing my best to not eat sweets.   :(

Moral of the story:  The expiration date on a marshmallow bag really does mean something.  Bet you never knew that before.  


Paula said...

ewwww, gross!

Lauren said...

Yes, very gross, but eventually, they were delicious!