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Thursday, April 14, 2011

patience: not my strongest trait

My parents will be here in exactly 5 hours, and I am so ready.  I haven't seen them since Christmas.  That's probably one of the longest stints I've gone without seeing them since I moved here.  I have everything ready for their arrival...house cleaned? check. pantry stocked? check.  guest bedroom ready? check.  Now I just have to wait for them to get here!

We have a nice relaxing weekend ahead of us and hopefully the weather will be nice and make it oh-so-tempting for them to get those "moving south for retirement plans" on fast forward.  Forecast this morning said partly sunny and an average in the mid-seventies.  I haven't checked recently, but I'm pretty certain that it will beat the weather in Chicago this weekend.

Wait, I just checked...now it is supposed to storm this weekend.  Come on Mother Nature - help me out here!

Ok, its official, breathe a sigh of relief, the high in Chicago is 55 this weekend, with a forecast of rain and wind, yikes!  :)  I feel better now.

I would say that the simple fact of me living here could lure them down, but as one of three daughters, I know that the two of them up north definitely outweigh me, so I have to use the weather to my advantage.

Anyway, I am so excited!  I'm sure I will have some stories and pictures coming soon.  And for now, I am anxiously awaiting their arrival.  (and maybe still working on making sure the house is clean.)


Corey said...

Have fun!! :)

Anonymous said...

Keep teaching and you will develop the patience of a stone working with.....ADMINISTRATION! m(j)

Lauren said...

Thanks, Corey!

And Jan, that is Oh, so true.