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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

100 Things About Me: Part 1

I am going to attempt this.  I hope that you don't get bored before the end.  And I'm still trying to come up with 100 things...requests are welcome!

1. I am one of three girls.  I love having sisters!  At times growing up, I wanted to kill them and I'm sure my parents might have wanted to kill us all, but now that we are older we are really close friends.  I wouldn't trade them for the world.

2.  I am the middle sister.  Some say this has largely affected my personality.

3. My astrological sign is "Leo."  I don't really agree with anything that goes along with this description.  I hate being the center of attention.  I hate having all eyes on me.  It makes me cringe, shake, and literally faint.  I hate it.

4. I am incredibly clumsy.  I have numerous scars and broken bone stories as a result of things I have walked into, tripped over, etc.  Land sports were not my thing.

5.  I was born in Salisbury, North Carolina, but only lived there for a little over 3 years.  I did, however, live there long enough to develop a little bit of a southern twang that shows through sometimes now that I'm back in the south.

6. I moved to Pennsylvania from  NC and lived there for 7 years.  I am still in touch with some of my friends that I had there while growing up.

7.  From PA, we went to Illinois when I was 11.  I spent my awkward middle school years and my high school years there and refer to it as my "hometown."  I love it there.  I love going back to visit the cute little downtown area and reminisce, especially when the Christmas lights are up.

8.  I am tall.  Abnormally tall.  I often have random strangers ask me where I play basketball or how tall I actually am.  Funny...if they had ever seen me on a bball court they would not be so inclined to ask.  I used to hate my height, but I have learned to love it.  I am somewhere between 5'11" and 6ft.

9. I speak Spanish fluently.  I fell in love with traveling and continued studying it.  I traveled abroad in Granada, Spain and San Joaquin, Costa Rica.

10.  I am a high school teacher and they provide me with endless entertainment and frustration.  When I was a teenager did I also think that I was invincible?!  Most likely.

11. I have one tattoo.  It's tiny and located on my foot; but it is meaninful.  My little sister, Catherine, and I got the same one - an infinity symbol.  It reminds me to follow my dreams and that the possibilities are endless.  Paula did not get one (even though we did our best to peer pressure her into it) but she was present during th einking, to hold our hands and take pictures.  We got them done during a sister trip to Raleigh in February of 2009.

My feet are the ones all the way to the right, the tattoo is on my left foot...who can spot it?
12.  I tried out a ton of sports/activities when I was little (even though sometimes it seems like all I did was swim).  I played soccer, softball, and volleyball, was a brownie/girl scout, and rode horses.

13.  My mom is a saint for driving us to all of our activities because my sisters were involved in just as many, if not more, activities as I.

14.  I love to swim. I started swimming competitively when I was 6 and kept going until I was 20.  Paula and I joined our first team "Fanny Chapman" together.  My high school swimming years taught me a lot and shaped the person that I have become.  They also left me with some great memories and amazing friendships.

15.  I was a distance swimmer.  I don't have many fast-twitch muscles.  It normally took me a while to get going and I was always yelled at for negative-splitting my races.  My favorite events were the 200 Back, 500 Free, and 400 IM.  They were also my least favorite events, if that makes any sense, because they were the most painful.

16.  Swimming helped me pick my college and I went to the University of Illinois.  If you had asked me where I wanted to go to school during my junior year of high school, U of I is a school I would have told you I would never attend...but I went for one visit, met the team, and I was sold.

17.  I swam on the same college team as my older sister.  It was a great bonding experience and it helped me a lot during some of the tougher college days.  My little sister swam at Michigan.  We still support her even though she chose a rival school.

At her Conference Meet two years ago.  Matt still refuses to wear the "M".
18.  I started college as a nutrition major.  I took three full semester's worth of classes before I switched.

19.  I am not a perfectionist.

20.  My worst grade in college came from my Chem Lab.  My experiments never went well.  Luckily, I had a very forgiving lab partner, but whenever I measured or observed, I always thought it looked "close enough".  Believe it or not, my lab partner and I are still friends.  He kept the major, I switched to elementary ed.

21.  I changed my major again to Spanish at the end of my second year and retired from swimming to study abroad.

22.  I took five years in college due to my indecisiveness.

23.  During my fifth year of college I debated between taking a sales job in Chicago or pursuing teaching.  About the time I had to respond to the sales job I went to a career fair at U of I and was offered a job teaching in North Carolina.  I flew down with my mom to take a look, fell in love with the 75 degree March weather and was sold.

24.  I made the 16 hour drive down with my dad in July of 2007 with all of my worldly possessions packed into my old Ford Explorer.  And yes, it all fit.  That's how much I had.

25.  I found my first NC roommate on Craigslist...She was not an ax murderer...she was actually pretty great and we still talk!

This is too much to do at once...and I need time to come up with the rest...so I will leave you hanging with the last 75.  :)


Paula said...

ok, i have a few more for you... i tried to add these to your last post but got an error so here they are...
1.) you used to love trucks when you were little except they came out as frucks!
2.) you had two hermit crabs named pinky and peanut growing up
3.) snowman was your favorite stuffed animal for a while and on one amazing car trip he befriended cheeks
4.) you are a certified trainer!
5.) KKG for life :-)

Lauren said...

Oh! Those are some good ones...even the truck one :)