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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

Today is Cinco de Mayo and that means it's Sarah's birthday!  Happy Birthday Sarah!!

We celebrated her birthday last month when we were all together, but I hope she is having a wonderful birthday today, as well!! Love you Sar.

Cinco de Mayo is also a popular day to celebrate.  Lots of people go to Mexican restaurants but...does anyone know what they are celebrating?  Today I asked my students what Cinco de Mayo was, and they all said it was the Mexican Independence Day...Wrong!!  (Yes, I do feel it's my duty to inform people about this.)  

May 5th, 1862 was the date of a huge Mexican victory against France during their fight for independence.  The victory eventually resulted in Mexico gaining their independence, but their actual independence day is September 16.  

Here, in the US, we celebrate Mexican heritage and pride, but in reality, the holiday is not widely celebrated in Mexico.  They acknowledge the date's importance, and in the region of Puebla (where the battle was fought), there are some celebrations, but it is nothing like what we do here.  I think it is important to celebrate Mexican pride and heritage, and it's also important to learn the why behind it.

That being said, I still am a Spanish teacher, and I love any chance to fit culture into our busy curriculum, so we had a mini-lesson today, along with a craft project.  It was really fun!

Do you think my students would have let today pass without any mention of it...no way!

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mom said...

Thanks for the explanation. We were just talking about that yesterday as we ate lunch at The Elms celebration of Cinco de Mayo! No one knew the real reason for the day! Grandma had a few ideas of her own that are a whole other story!!! Thanks for the great fruit. You were definitely the favorite yesterday in her eyes.