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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

100 Things About Me: Part 3

These facts are getting kind of random...I hope someone is still reading.  If not, at least it's been kind of fun thinking about these things.

51.  I hate it when people are upset with me.  Especially if I don't know why or if I don't understand.  It gives me an uneasy feeling that I hate!  I'm not good at letting it wait, I like to talk it out right away.  (In simple terms, I'm sensitive.  There, I admitted it.)

52.  I love to read.  I can curl up with a good book and a coffee for hours!  I tune everything else out and get lost in the story.  Currently reading...

53.  I have a low tolerance for hot things.  I like my showers to be on the lukewarm side and I like my coffee after its cooled down a bit.  I actually like iced coffee even more than hot coffee.  Lucky for me, I  love hot weather.  I think I've even gotten used to these southern summers.

54.  I always want to dress up and look fancy.  Then, usually, within a hour of getting all done up, all I want to do is put my sweats on and be comfortable.

55.  I can be very particular about my hair.  I know the messy look is in style, but I don't tolerate it well on me.  I wish I did though, because it looks so cute on other people.

56.  I love to cook and have been taught to cook by my mother and my grandmother, but I rarely do.  I don't have time and if it's just for me, cereal will do.

The next few are childhood memories...

57.  When I was in kidergarten, I went to McDonald's with a friend and her mom.  Us kids were playing on the playground and I was running around the yellow tea-cup like thing, trying to push it so that it would spin when I jumped on.  Right after I had gotten some good momentum and jumped on, my friend immediately started screaming and ran away (to get her mom).  I had cracked my head open. I had bumped my head right above my right eye, where it's skin right on bone, as I was jumping onto the toy.  They had to rush me to the ER and I got 16 stitches.  Take a look next time you see me, the scar is still there, it's faint, but it is a continuation of my right eyebrow...it adds character.

58.  When I was three and we were still living in NC, my parents got us a puppy.  She was a mutt: part collie, part german sheppard, part something else.  We named her Zosia (Polish for Sophie).  She lived until I was 19 years old and she was the greatest dog ever.

59.  I had a really deep voice as a child.  Random, I know.  I am aware of this, not because I remember it, but because when my family watches old movies, they loooove to tease me about it.  It might have had something to do with my asthma/coughing, but I"m not really sure.  I also had a southern accent.  Go ahead, imagine it, it's pretty funny.

60.  When I was a child, I loved trucks.  (Don't ask, I have no explanation.)  I also had trouble speaking.  I still have memories of repeating "She sells sea shells by the sea shore".  Yep, that was me.  My family also loves to tell me how I used to embarrass them by yelling out the word "truck", which came out sounding a whole lot more like a four letter word starting with an "F".  I'm sorry mom.

61.  My sisters and I all got the chicken pox at the same time.  We were staying with our neighbors at the time so my parents could go to Hawaii for their anniversary (the 10th, maybe?).  Their three girls also got the chicken pox.  That's 6 girls under the age of 10 with the chicken pox. Wow.  Mrs. Mikulski, you are a saint,  Thank you

62.  One time I was playing on a big wheel tricycle and I decided to ride it like a scooter, holding the handles and standing on seat.  It was awesome and I felt pretty cool as I was flying down the hill...until I fell forward at the bottom, right onto my wrists.  My sister thought it was pretty hilarious and of course, I began to cry.  It swelled up a bit and turns out, I broke it.  That is the only broken bone I've ever had. (I think that also happened when my parents were out of town.  They really didn't go away that much!  I wonder why... :)

63.  Another time, a week before we went on our annual vacation to Rhode Island I fell on my bike, hit a drainage grate, and split my knee open.  It definitely needed stitches, but as you all know, you can't swim with stitches, so I refused.  Instead, our neighbor who was a doctor, put some butterfly bandages on it and I was good to go.  Ha.  I fell on that knee so many times in the weeks after that, I think it took months to heal.  But I got to swim at the beach!  And my scar is insane.

I couldn't find a picture of me with my knee bandaged, so this will have to do.
This has turned into my most memorable clumsy moments.  Good thing that section is over...

The next bunch is my list of "Mosts":

64.  Most influential person:  I have had many people who have influenced me, but outside of my family, it would have to be my high school swim coach.  I just saw her a few weeks ago and it was amazing to see and realize the impact she has made on my life.  She pushed me harder than I ever thought possible, but got me to accomplish things I never even dreamed of.  She has definitely influenced my coaching style as well.

65.  Best childhood memory:  There are lots of them, but I picked just one...My parents used to (wait, they still do!) make my sisters and I wait at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning until they have gone down, made sure Santa had come, and gotten their coffee. (Now I know they wanted to have the cameras ready, too).  The three of us sit at the top of the stairs hip to hip in eager anticipation, bouncing around, bickering, giggling, and waiting until we get the word that we can come down.  When we hear it, we tear down those stairs.  We still did it this year.  We are getting a little big for it (hip to hip is tight now!) and Matt didn't quite fit in the line-up, but we made some alterations.  The time has also changed a bit; what started as a 7am ritual is now more like 9 or 10am, and that is just fine with me.  Sitting at the top of those steps, spending time giggling with my sisters is one of my favorite memories.

66. Biggest regret:  Switching majors and not finishing my degree in Nutrition when I had the chance.  I was a lot closer than I realized at the time.  Traveling was fun, teaching has taught me a lot and I love speaking Spanish, but right now, this is the one thing I wish I had.

67.  Saddest moment:  When I dropped my dad off at the airport to fly back to Chicago after we drove down to Raleigh together.  We went to the airport two hours early because a) we didn't realize RDU was a lot different than O'Hare and b) we didn't know what else to say and we both kept crying every time we started to talk.  After dropping him off I drove around for hours "exploring" while crying uncontrollably.  I was too embarrassed to go back and hang out with my roommate as such a blubbering mess.  She eventually called to see if I had gotten lost.  I went back, she made me laugh and was so sweet.  It was quite a bonding moment and the beginning of a friendship.

68.  Happiest moment:  Hmmmm...There have been a lot.  I can't pinpoint any one moment, so I will just say that right now I am the happiest I have been.  I think those that know me well know that.

Future Goals (in no particular order):

69.  To run another marathon.  The first one was great, but it also taught me a lot of things that I want to do differently with the next one.  I want to train more during the the weeks in addition to my long runs, do more tempo work, and learn to pace better.

70.  To find a job that I love.  I like my current job, but I really hope that I can find something that both satisfies me, challenges me, and allows me to help people.  I think I'm getting closer to figuring out what that is.

71.  To get a boat.  I'm a girl that loves the water and while I would love my own beach house, it is cheaper and more practical to just get a boat.  There are so many lakes close to home, it would be so easy to take a boat out for a day, be on the water, get in some waterskiing, tubing, tanning, etc and be back at home for dinner.

72.  Places I want to go:  Machu Picchu in Peru, Greece, the Grand Canyon, Canada, a road trip down the coast in California.

73.  I want to go back to driving an SUV.  I know, its bad for the environment.  I will get a hybrid.  I tried out the car thing for a while and I love my car, but I secretly wish for an SUV again.  They make me feel safer. Yes, I miss my Explorer!

74.  To learn about photography.  I took a bunch of classes in high school and loved using the darkroom to develop my pictures, but since high school I haven't done much.  I still love taking pictures and have a ton of "artistic" photographs that just sit on my computer, but I would really love to take another class and get back into it.

75. To learn to surf!  I have tried a few times, and it looks like I will need a whole lot of practice.  I will keep you posted on this one...


Paula said...

nice work!!! i like these and you only have 25 more to go! xoxo. see you in a week!

Lauren said...

haha, yes, almost done! see you soon!!!!!!!!!!