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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quick Trip

At the beginning of the week, Derek and I headed to the beach for a quick trip.  We got to see Corey and Zach and relax with them for a bit.  Thank you so much for having us, it was so fun! (Sorry for the bad pictures...all I had was my phone.)

The beach was amazing.  

Dinner was so good!

And then we wandered around for a bit.

There was a blue marlin fishing tournament there...these are the winners.  Holy Cow!

The fish didn't even fit in the bed of the pick-up truck.

For someone who normally avoids pictures...

He worked his way into quite a few. :)

The view on the way home...

1 comment:

Corey said...

I'm glad you guys could come! Hopefully next time you'll be able to stay a while longer :)