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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Big Things are Happening

Change - to make the form, the nature, future course, etc., of something different from what it is or what it would be if left alone. source

Change is scary, it is exhilarating, it is exciting, and its happening in my life big-time right now.  I am making a huge career change.  I've been thinking about this for a few years and a few weeks ago, an opportunity presented itself, I applied, and last week I jumped right in, head first, and accepted a new job.

I haven't mentioned anything because in the past few days I've been talking to my previous employers, wrapping up the loose ends, and making sure that I get to thank the people I've worked with who have supported me and made an impact in my life over the past few years.  There are a lot of them, and for that I am thankful and, of course, I am also a little emotional.  I have been blessed with some of the greatest co-workers I could ever imagine (there were a few not so great ones stuck in there too, don't you worry).  I wanted to make sure they heard it from me before anyone else, and I wanted to make sure they knew what a big part they played in my life; whether it be teaching me, supporting me, mentoring me, or challenging me.  I think I've gotten around to most of them by now and I can tell you that there were a few tears, lots of hugs, many smiles, and lots of well-wishers.

The new job is everything I have been hoping for and I am really excited to get started.  For the sake of privacy, I'm not going to divulge everything here, but I can tell you that I will no longer be teaching, but coaching.  When you look at the two careers, they are very similar, but also very different.  I realized a long time ago that coaching was my passion and this is my chance to pursue it.  I am so excited!!  There are some great new coworkers for me to get to know and learn from and the environment is very conducive to learning, growing, and challenging myself.

With all that being said, I am feeling a ton of emotions right now: happiness, excitement, hope, curiosity, and a little bit of fear of the unknown.  But I know that change can be good, and it can be great.  I know that this  is a risk I need to take for myself and I am ready to get started.

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