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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DIY: Headboard

I was a little bored last week.  I only coach in the afternoons, and I am used to being busy.  Really busy.  Lately I've had quite a bit of free time and a girl can only workout and shop so much.  My bank account is not loving the shopping and I put a stop to it pretty quickly.

This past week I decided to make a headboard.  My bedroom is a great cozy little place, but it is a mishmash of furniture, meaning that I don't have an actual headboard, but rather just a mattress and box spring next to a wall. I was noticing last week that it resembles the room of a much "younger" person.  And yes, I was in the mood for a grown-up looking room.  Anyway, I decided to make my own headboard to remedy the situation...

I googled it a little and found out that it would not be that difficult or that expensive.

Plywood board 3ft x 2.5 ft.
Quilting batting
3 yards of Fabric (I was going to go with burlap because I wanted the natural look, but it smelled so bad! so I went with a tan linen fabric.)
Staple gun and staples
Bronze tacs (400 of them!)

The batting and the fabric.
First I took the quilting batting, folded it over to make it more cushy, and stapled it to cover one side of the wood, including the edges.

After that, I laid the fabric down, flipped the wood over so that the batting was next to the fabric and pulled the fabric tight around the board.  I stapled the fabric down.

 After that, I flipped it over again and it was time for the finishing touches.  I had to hammer the tacs around three edges of the board.

Here is the finished product.  I put it on two 1x2's to help prop it up behind the bed.

Its not perfect, but I like it.  Here are the before and after's of my bedroom...



I took down the hanging wall art, took the duvet cover off my white comforter and just left it like that.  I would eventually like to find something to put above the bed (sunburst mirror?) and get a new duvet cover, but for now, I like it a lot!!


carol said...

very clever!! I like it alot. you make it look easy. I know how hard it is to hammer all of those tacks in.

Paula said...

i love it!!! and it looks awesome! i think i might attempt this... :-) what size is your bed?

Lauren said...

Thanks!! Mom- it was hard! I hammered my thumb a few times too. Paula - I have a queen size bed and you should give it a shot! (but I like your headboard you already have!).

Lisa Pomares said...

Hi Lauren, this is the first time I go on your page and I love it.

Your headboard idea is super neat. I recently sold my entire bedroom set because it was a bit too bulky for me. So now I was actually looking for a frame to put it in.

This headboard could help me save some room and even inspired my husband to help me create it.

Thanks again! :)

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