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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Holiday Weekend: Take 2

Sunday we went to Garner for the Third of July fireworks!!  Have I mentioned before that I LOVE FIREWORKS?!  I got red-white-and-blued out for the holiday thanks to my new shades :)

This family brought a CAGE for their children.  What?!  and I thought leashes were bad.

The place was packed.
Derek made friends with Uncle Sam.

They had a flash mob.  See the umbrellas?  It wasn't raining.

Group picture.

On the actual 4th, it was insanely hot.  We caught a movie during the day - Bad Teacher - I thought it was pretty funny considering my profession.  It was definitely amazing to be inside in the cool temperatures.  I wore a sweater!!  I was also shocked to see how crowded the theatre was; apparently everyone else had the same idea as us!  It stormed all night, but we did manage to see a bunch of fireworks on our way home!

Fireworks 2 days in a row.  Now, that's a good Independence Day.  

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