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Monday, August 15, 2011

Birthday Weekend

  Derek and I had a wonderful time this weekend with Paula and Matt.  It was relaxing, filled with lots of laughing and lots of great food.  I was sad to see them go last night, but hopefully they'll come back again soon!  (warning: picture overload)
Friday we ate at Tribecca Tavern and then played some darts.

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On Saturday the the boys went golfing while Paula and I went to the flea market, explored Raleigh a little bit, and grabbed lunch.  In the afternoon we all met up at the pool to rest.

 photo (2)
{Photo courtesy of Derek}

They spoiled me with gifts - thank you!! - and then we went to Sushi Blues downtown for dinner (it was delicious! – even Derek liked the sushi) and met up with a bunch of my friends.  Our favorite roll, by far, was the "Wolfpack".  How fitting?!


    photo (13)photo (14)photo


On the way home, we stopped at Snoopy’s because sushi wasn’t quite enough to fill Derek up.  It was a nice little Raleigh treat for the Chicagoan’s.

Sunday we slept in and met Derek’s family for lunch.   (And this is about when we started forgetting to take pictures, I do believe Paula got one on her cell phone though…if it turns up, I will let you know.)  I was so glad we got to see them.
It was a great weekend, I feel very loved, and I was spoiled by everyone.  You are all way too nice to me.  Thank you.  I did not get to see my parents or Catherine, but I talked to them a bunch and they were there in spirit.  (I miss you!)
I’m thinking 27 will be a good year...It’s off to a great start.


Paula said...

I love all the pictures!!! We had a blast and love you lots!

Lauren said...

Love you too!