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Monday, September 5, 2011

Birthday Season

It is also my very good friend Elizabeth's birthday today and I wanted to make sure I wished her a very happy happy birthday.  She is a med student up in Chicago and a pretty amazing person.  She is stronger than I could ever be and I am sending her happy thoughts and lots of birthday hugs today.

I met Liz when I moved to St. Charles and we were both 10 years old...wow, that seems like forever ago when we were both swimming for Coach Schuster in the Gold group (did I even get his name right?).  We've both grown up a little, but it's amazing that we've kept in touch and are still friends today.

She deserves a happy day today, and I really hope she gets it!

This is a picture of Liz, myself, and Sarah at Andrea's rehearsal dinner last September almost exactly one year ago.  Good memories, with good friends.  

Happy Birthday Liz!

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