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Friday, September 9, 2011

A Day in the Life

The most commonly asked question I received over the past few weeks is “What does your schedule look like?” or “What do you do all day?”  I thought that I would give you an idea of what my day’s look like right now.  They are never the same as the one before, but there are some similarities that I like to stick to. 

6:30             Alarm goes off and I press snooze J.    

6:45-7          I roll out of bed and get my coffee and check my email.

7:30             I head out for a run (on long run days I have to actually get up at 6:30 and skip the coffee/email step).

8:30-10       I eat breakfast, shower, clean my house, go grocery shopping, pay bills, do laundry, etc and I sometimes do it with Good Morning America or Regis and Kelly on the TV.  Yep, it’s true.  I never watched these shows prior to about a week ago, and now, I really enjoy them as background noise.  Regis and Kelly are pretty hilarious.

10:30     I head in to work and spend the next few hours checking and responding to emails, writing my daily workouts, planning out the cycles of the season, planning/brainstorming/meeting with the other coaches, and updating the calendar’s on the website (that’s my new responsibility as of yesterday…can you tell I feel important!)  In the future, I will hopefully be taking on more responsibilities.

1:00                 I head home for lunch or I go to run errands depending on what I need to get done.  This time varies by day, as well.  We don’t have any specific office hours, the idea is that we need to make sure we do our job and do it well.  Other than that, we are mostly free to come and go as we please (except for meetings/practices).

2:30-4              I am back at the office, helping the other coaches, finalizing workouts, responding to a new round of emails and voicemails that have come in from parents in the past two hours.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays during this time I work with the University team on the pool deck with their dryland workout and swim practice.

4:30-8        I am on the pool deck coaching every day during this time.  Yes, that is a lot of standing on my feet, so I have learned to wear supportive shoes, but it really does fly by.   I try to get out to my car to head home as soon as possible after practice because by that time my stomach is growling pretty loudly.

8:30-9           Cook/eat dinner and then relax, watch TV, talk on the phone with friends/family, hang out with Derek, etc.  All that good stuff.

11:00             Back to bed.  (I aim for this time…sometimes I make it, sometimes I don’t.)

It is a huge change for me because it allows me to have so much more flexibility than my previous schedule.  It also gives me free time in the morning and very little time in the evenings.  I am adjusting and like everything else, there are things that I love about it and things that I am hoping I can learn to like.  It will force me to have a lot of self-discipline and remember all of those old time-management skills that I used to use in college.  J  I am also thinking that I may adjust my schedule in the future to allow for a separate morning job.  I mean, I really don't need a 2 hour break for lunch! But I will wait and see.

It is a breath of fresh air not to have my days dictated by a schedule run down to the minute (hello bell-schedule) by someone else.  I feel as though I am free to gain this sense of responsibility on my own and I feel that is important because since school has been back in session, I have felt very weird - like I am playing hooky because I am not in school.  This is the first time in 20+ years that I have not gone back to school after a summer break.  It's scary.  I have the weird inkling in the back of my mind that I am going to get in trouble for not being at school, as if I will be called into the principal’s office at any moment.  It’s weird, but it’s true and I think it makes me all that more grateful that I have made this decision to switch careers right now.  

That is my schedule, and like I said, it changes by the day depending on how much I have to get done.  I am certain that it will continue to change in the future as I gain more responsibilities and figure out what I want my routine to be.  

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