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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mums the Word

In honor of the start of fall, I bought some mums for my front porch.  All summer I kept saying that I would plant some flowers in my front yard but it never happened.  To be honest, I think I'm scared I will kill them.  But in the fall, it's safe, because everything dies in the winter.  All I have to do is get these plants through the beginning of November and I'm golden.  Normally I wouldn't worry about killing the plants, but I really don't want to be "that lady" on the street with all the dead plants who can't seem to keep up with the yard work.  But, like I said, plants die anyway in the winter, so I'm safe.

I didn't even have to plant them - I just set it in the planter!

I can't wait until these red ones bloom.

The mums were on sale (of course) and they are actually really pretty.  When I get some pumpkins out there with them, I dare say, my house just might look festive!

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mom said...

The mums are beautiful and I really like your planter. You finally found one you like. I skipped the mums this year because my geraniums and petunias were still blooming until about a week ago.