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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WolfPack Weekend

Saturday was opening day at Carter-Finley Stadium!  (do they say "opening day" in football too, or is that just baseball?)  We started the day off early, stopping at Bojangles for the tailgate pack to compliment all of our side dishes, and then we headed to the parking lot. Early.  And we did it up in style...check it out....

 Make note, in the following pictures, we are one of the only cars in the lot.  Like I said, we were early.  I think the boys had been counting down the days for quite a while.

I played several games of Kan-jam.  If you don't know what that is, click here.  It's pretty awesome and I'm a lot better at kan-jam than I am at bags, so it is a lot less frustrating for me.

When we headed into the stadium, they gave everyone these little white towels to wave and they actually looked pretty cool when everyone waved them.

I wish they would have played a little better, but they did win.  Let's all just hope they learn a lot this week at practice.

It was a great weekend and I love that I get to have a football team down here.  They are no Illinois, but seeing as I can't get those games on tv or travel there in person, this will definitely do.  Watching score updates on a cell phone is only so fun and it get's old fast. Plus, nobody ever said I couldn't have two teams, right?!

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