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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Detroit Marathon: Part 1

This past weekend I flew north to Detroit to cheer on my sister, Emily, and Lori in the Detroit Free Press Marathon.  I was initially going to run it with them, but due to lack of motivation, I stopped training a few weeks prior to the race and opted to get some quality family time in instead.  

I was surprised at how clean and nice the city of Detroit seemed.  I have heard so many varying views over the past few weeks as I spoke of the weekend, that I think I was picturing the worst.  It was a really nice place!

Saturday we all headed to the Expo to pick up our race packets.  Lucky for us, it was just down the street from our hotel and it was gorgeous weather!

After that we cleaned up, celebrated Catherine's birthday and had a nice dinner. 

Stay tuned...more to come about the actual marathon tomorrow!  This post was getting a little picture heavy.

Look at those gals!  Bright and early, all ready to go!  
(I'm so mad the camera strap got in the way...they wouldn't repose for me!)

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