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Friday, October 28, 2011

Spooky, Freaky, Fab Friday

I'm really excited for this weekend, so I went ahead and made a list of the fantastic, spooky, halloweenie things that I am excited for!

- Pumpkin carving!  Yes, this is one of those traditions that I might embrace more as an adult than as a child.  I love carving the pumpkins, scooping out the gook and even baking the pumpkin seeds.

My 2009 Pumpkin

- Corn maze!  We are bringing the little kids from our swim team at the local corn maze and I am so excited!  I might have organized this so that I wouldn't have to go by myself this year... It's a lot less weird when there are a bunch of kids to go with me, right?

- I have all day Sunday off!  I haven't had a full day without work or travel in 33 days.  Needless to say, I'm excited to do... absolutely nothing.

- Old Navy is having a 40% off sale today.  That means their close might be $10 and that, I can afford!!

- My mom told me she sent Derek and I a package two nights ago.  It has not yet come, but I bet it comes this weekend!  I love surprises!

- This is for Monday, but I will include it in the weekend...because I actually live in a neighborhood, I get trick-or-treaters! And I love seeing them come by in their costumes.  Halloween is the coolest thing in the world to little kids.  I love how excited they get to go up to each door and show off their costumes.

That's all.  What are you excited for this weekend?

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