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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Came Early!

A few years ago as we were talking about our Christmas lists, my sister Paula mentioned that she wanted a Crock-Pot.  I had just graduated college at the time and didn't think much of it, but my little sister Catherine had a lot to say about it.  I do believe her words were something like this... "You're so old!  If I ever ask for anything like a crock-pot, please, just put me out of my misery."  (Ok, I might be exaggerating), but in general, she was making fun of Paula, who was maybe 26 at the time, for being "old."

Fast forward a few years later and we now love her crock-pot - even Catherine.  Last Thanksgiving we made pulled pork in her condo in the city and it was AMAZING!  My mom has also cooked many meals using her crock-pots and in the cold Chicago winter months, they were perfect, warm, and delicious.
This is Paula, Crock-Pot Chef Extraordinaire & Matt
 This year, I did it...I put the crock-pot on my Christmas list.  Call me old, I will fully embrace it, but I really want one.  (And I am still confident that I can be a 5 year old when necessary.)

My mom and I had talked about it a bunch this past weekend because she wanted to make sure that if she got me one, it would be what I wanted, etc.  We also debated about me getting it in Chicago at Christmas and shipping it back or her just having it shipped to me... So much for surprises... (jk!)

Imagine my surprise when, as I was leaving my house yesterday, I literally walked right into a huge UPS box on my front stoop.  I almost tripped over it!

CHECK IT OUT!!! - What a Beaut?!


Now, I have already gotten approval from my mother and she says that I am allowed to use it even though it's not really Christmas yet, at all.  Yippeeeee!  Let's flashback to my birthday, when she sent the gifts early and then made me wait until the actual day to open them.  It was torture, but lucky for me, Derek helped her enforce it.  Boo.

Thankfully, I will be able to enjoy this treat soon...as soon as I find a recipe!

What are you favorite crock-pot recipes?  Please send one my way so I can try it out.

 Thank you Mom and Dad!! 


Corey said...

Oh my, love the crock-pot! I don't think that makes you old... just you value your time. We had to get rid of ours in Cayman (took up too much room to bring back), but we definitely used it all the time there. I have a lot of crock-pot recipes on my blog.

Lauren said...

Thanks Corey, I will have to take a look at your recipes!

Paula said...

Yay for a crockpot!!!! xoxo

Sharon Andy Holderman said...

You will totally fall in love! I put my husband on crockpot duty a lot (since he leaves for work later than me). My best crockpot recipe is to make Chipotle's barbacoa! http://holdermans.blogspot.com/2008/12/chipotle-barbacoa-at-home.html Enjoy, especially if you like the heat. Just seeing it again makes me want to make it again soon!

(random p.s. I found your blog because of your ruffled tree skirt - SO FREAKING CUTE!!)