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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Funny Story

This post is more detail about our drive up to Chicago...

On Thursday I met Sarah and we dropped off a car.  After jumping up and down hugging in the Walmart parking lot where we met (hey, I hadn't seen her in a while), we piled into my car and headed north.  We left at 5pm and arrived into my hometown of St. Charles, IL at approximately 4:30am central time.  The funny thing...we didn't even turn on the car radio until 11pm.  We talked almost non-stop for the first 6 hours.  It was amazing.

Around midnight we stopped at a 24 hour McDonalds for some coffee and it was smooth sailing from there.  Side note**  We were pretty giggly when we got to the MickyD's and the drive-thru guy probably thought we were on something, because he asked where we were headed.  When we told him where we were headed his response was hilarious; "Chicago, awe man, that's what's up!".  For some reason we laughed at that for a while.  Once we had the caffiene in us, we were wide awake and chatting again and the rest of the trip flew by.  Until we arrived into St. Charles, that is...

Sarah's parents no longer live in town, so she does not have the luxury, that I do, of seeing our hometown and our old high school friends over the holidays.  She hadn't been back in town in a few years, so as we were driving through downtown we were pointing things out, reminiscing.  New restaurants here... the same old hang-outs there...you get the point.

All of a sudden, approximately 2 miles from our final destination (my parents' house) we had some flashing lights show up right behind us...

Sarah:  I cannot believe this is happening...

Officer:  Ladies, where are you headed?

Us:  Home.  (giggling, because we had to.)

Officer:  You were speeding up and slowing down.  I'm not sure what to think.

Clearly, he thought we were on something (Oh dear, this seems like a theme.) and we couldn't stop laughing.  We had driven 950 miles only to get stopped 2 miles from my parents house.  Crazy.

After calming down and explaining the situation to him, he laughed as well and told us to be careful.  We got away with a warning.  Thank goodness - gotta love that northern hospitality.

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