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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Paula

Today is a milestone.  Today, my older sister turns 30.  The thing is, she's a pretty amazing thirty year old.  In her 30 years she has done some pretty amazing things...She was a college athlete, she ran a half marathon, she has done the Avon walk (36 miles!) and crewed the Avon walk 4 times.  She graduated with a double major in college and is now going back to school to get her Masters!  wow.  She has also been married for over two years and is mom to the cutest little puppy in the world.  She is quite the accomplished woman already, and I'm sure that she has many more amazing things to come in the future.

On her honeymoon with Matt.

She made her own halloween costume this year.  Tetris. Genius.

Avon walk with my mom.

Her baby, Chief.

I am proud to call her my sister and my best friend.  She's goofy, she's crafty, she's creative and she's super intelligent.  Oh, and did I mention she still looks like she is 21?!  Most people guess that she is the youngest sister instead of the oldest.  Humpppffff - not fair.  But I love her anyway.

Paula, I am sorry I am not there to celebrate, but hope you have a wonderful, relaxing birthday!

Last week while I was home we had a birthday dinner for her so I could partake in the celebrations.  I was so happy to be included and my mom gave her one of her gifts early... A t-shirt quilt.  My mom worked so hard on it and it really is beautiful!  It's so fun to look at it and see all of the different stages of her life through her t-shirts.  What a cool gift!

Happy Birthday Paula!


Paula said...

Thanks Lauren for making my birthday so special!! Love you tons!

Lauren said...

You are very welcome. Love you too!

mom said...

Love you both and so proud of the women you have become!!!