"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places." Roald Dahl

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Uniquely Me

When we were younger my dad would call us weird.   It may have started out as him commenting on our different tendencies, but it ended up as a term of endearment. It was a compliment, and after weird, he started calling us unique and then "unique one".  Eventually he used the term UO as a way to tell us we were being "unique".  

Since then I've been called weird, special, unique, and many other things.  But I like being unique.  There's only one me. I like to think that we are all a little weird and that "normal" doesn't actually exist.  Who wants to be like everybody else?  If that's normal, I will embrace the weird.

Here are some things that make me, uniquely me.

*I am a morning person.  I cease to be productive once it gets dark.

*I have a hard time with chaos.  My swimmers need to be organized and moving with purpose or I go crazy! My palms will start to sweat.  It's awful.

*I always think I'm dehydrated.  I constantly feel like I need to drink more water.  Headache? I'm dehydrated.  Feeling shaky? I'm dehydrated.  Bad skin? Dehydrated.  (Derek makes fun of me constantly for this!)

*On that note, I don't believe in drinking calories.  I drink water, coffee (ok, with a tiny bit of skim milk) or diet soda.  That's pretty much it.  Every now and then I'll splurge for a fancy coffee drink, but that's about it.

*I twirl my hair.  A lot.  I've had this nasty habit since high school and I've worn my hair up for weeks straight before to try to break it, but no luck.  I twirl it when I'm happy, when I'm mad and oh wow, do I do it when I'm anxious. 

*When my nail polish chips, I continue to chip it off.  Gosh, another bad habit...

*When I wear zippered clothing I love to wear it zipped all the way up.  So cozy.

*My facial expressions give me away.  I cannot hide how I am feeling.  It's awful in situations where you need to keep a straight face.  Hello, teaching and coaching.  Yep, I try, but my face always gives me away.

I'm sure there are more, and I'm sure you could all tell me what these things are.  I'm weird, and I'm embracing it.  

Does anyone else have unique traits that make them un-normal?


Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

is it wierd that i think all of your unique traits make you completely normal?!

Lauren said...

Ha - not weird at all. I think that's the beauty of it.

mom said...

ok so I think you get the twirling and the facial expressions from me!!! Love you

Lauren said...

Perfect. I love that I have traits from you.