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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Did it Snow this Week?

Earlier this week it snowed and that is actually a shocking thing here in the south.  I was about an hour from home working and when I left the building, I was met with this sight...and I had no idea!

Now I know that doesn't seem like much, but it was.  In the south they don't have a lot of plows, they don't really ever salt the streets (they sand, and that's not the same), and the people here aren't really used to driving in the snow.  Because it doesn't snow that often!  An hour drive home is scary - even for a Chicago girl like me who learned to drive in the snow.  But I sucked it up, scraped off my windshield with my arm and set off.  

Derek was a little worried about me.  Probably rightly so - I was gripping the wheel with white knuckles and trying to stay away from swerving cars - but I thought it was cute.  What I thought was even cuter?  He went and filled the bed of his truck with cinder blocks to weigh it down and offered to come and get me.  So sweet!

Of course, because I'm stubborn, I said no, but I promised to pull over and call if it got bad.  A normal hour trip took me about 2 hours, but I made it home safe and sound. I am lucky to have someone who cares so much for me. Take a look.

I am loved :)

By the way, it is supposed to be 78 degrees today.  It is hard to believe that it snowed four days ago!  Gotta love the south!

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Dorothy Explor'r said...

omg... SNOW! you're preaching to the choir here. after nothing but great weather, we got hit with a storm last night. suffice it to say, schools were cancelled and it was ridiculous! wishing you nothing, but clear skies and warm weather down there! :)

btw, i'm currently hosting a gift exchange on my blog if you're interested :) the theme is "handmade."

also, there's a giveaway going on too... ending march 7th!