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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Two Year Celebration

I finally got around to documenting our little night out a few weeks ago to celebrate two years of dating, so enjoy!  It was a wonderful night.

Derek took me to Brasa, a Brazilian Steakhouse in town.  Yum!  When we were picking where to go I had one requirement - I wanted to dress up!  Derek had one too - he wanted a good steak.  Boom.  Great choice.

It was so nice to get dressed up and spend some quality time together.

Picture in the car...Can you tell that I was slightly worried about our surroundings?

We tried chicken hearts.  Ew.  (They actually weren't that bad, just a weird, chewy texture.)

After dinner Derek wanted to go get cupcakes (cute idea, I know!) but the cupcake place was closed. :(  

Instead, we headed home to exchange cards and presents.  Derek was so sweet and stopped for a cupcake anyway on the way home.  If you know Derek, you know this is slightly weird because he does not eat sweets.  He got a cupcake though - it was because he had already brought along two candles along for us to blow out and wish on, commemorating our two years together.  I thought it was so sweet!

I'm sorry for the picture overload but I love looking back at all of them and couldn't choose any to leave out.  

I'm pretty lucky. ;)

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Paula said...

aww, i love all the pictures and congratulations on two years!!!