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Monday, April 16, 2012

Va Beach Weekend

This past weekend we headed up to Virginia Beach to see Cameron, Derek's best friend, and Mandy get married!  In addition to the wedding, Derek got some golfing in, I took some walks on the beach with Sara.  We also got to try out a lot of seafood - one of the best parts of going to the beach!

It was so nice to see the beach again.

We got there and there was this fenced in area and we had no idea what it was for until the horses showed up! - right outside our hotel room.  This is where they would send people off on rides down the beach.

View from the balcony again.

Rehearsal dinner....
Derek and I at the rehearsal dinner.
Hillary, Lindsey, and I.
These two girls were dating two of the other groomsmen and we ended up spending quite a bit of time together - yay for new friends!  They were so nice and fun to talk to.

The wedding... I did not do a good job at taking pictures, so I am sorry to say that I actually only have one of the happy couple... but I did get a few of the awesome tails!

The bride looked absolutely stunning, the wedding was beautiful and we had a blast!  A great weekend, all around.  They even had a photo booth there...It was a lot of fun!

Derek and I.

Sara and I.


Paula said...

i love all the pictures and your bright pretty dresses! you look beautiful!

Unique Weddings said...

Looks so cute. Congratulation guys. I hope you will stay stronger and better.

mom said...

you both look so good. Lauren those colors look great on you and Derek I love the tails. Dissappointed about the lack of ascot though! Lauren glad you had fun!! mom