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Friday, May 4, 2012

a Few things for Friday

I love Fridays!!  I would love them more if I weren't working all weekend long, but still - I love them.

Here are some things that I am loving this week...

*Oranges.  Normally, I don't eat them because I think it is annoying and too much work to peel them but for some reason I bought a whole bag of them at the grocery store last week and I can't get enough of 'em!  Sometimes I eat two a day.

*Eggs.  In my attempt to eat healthier I am trying to have healthy snacks handy.  That means that on Monday I hard-boiled a half-dozen eggs.  Now I can grab them on my way to morning practice instead of eating a granola bar or baggie of cereal.  I can also get some quick protein after a run.

*Braids.  I've been putting little braids in my hair like it's going out of style.  Maybe it is?  I don't know, I've never been super trendy...but I like it and I'm going to stick with it for a bit.  It jazzes up a normal pony, that's for sure.

*Spinach.  I put it in my shakes this week and I made a spinach salad last night with dinner.  Yummy!  Shockingly, I couldn't taste it in the shake.  I need to do that more often!

*Cooking!  This week I have cooked not one, not two, but THREE times!!  That's right.  Crazy.  Monday I made Taco's, Tuesday it was homemade BBQ chicken pizza and last night I grilled burgers and squash.  Derek and I could get used to this :)

Yes, it is getting hot.  Ignore the dusty dashboard

*Instagram.  I have been hearing about this for a while and quite frankly, I can't believe I didn't jump on the bandwagon before now because I am so obsessed with pictures of any kind, but I love it!  I'm using my twitter name so...  it's laur_e_n if you want to follow me.

Post run picture.  ew.

*Running.  I'm finally getting to the point where I look forward to my runs!  As it gets closer to summer my tan lines are absolutely ridiculous.  I need to get to the pool ASAP.

*Revenge.  Not for real - just the TV show.  Derek and I are hooked.  And after a bit of a break it has been on for two weeks in a row now!  If you don't watch this show, I highly recommend it.  Suspence, love, drama, and of course, revenge.  It's got it all.  My mom got me hooked when I was home for Thanksgiving, then I came back and Derek and I watched all of the shows on my computer to catch up.  Since then we have not missed an episode!

*Hanging out with Derek.  His schedule doesn't allow for a ton of down time right now, but we've been having dinner together and getting some quality time in still.  Last Sunday we spent the whole day together and it was pretty awesome. We even ended our car ride home with a little contest to see who could hold their arm out the sun roof the longest.  Yes, we are unique :) and for the record... Derek won.

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