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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


This past weekend I went to the Sugarland show with my friend Anna.  These were the tickets that I won last week at Casino Night and they were good seats!  Anna and I had a blast!

It was cold!  I've never had to bundle up so much at an outdoor concert down here before.

Their tour is called "In Your Hands" and the audience gets to request the songs they want to hear via posters, texts, and emails.  It's an interesting theme.  At one point they pulled a 10 year old girl up on stage to sing a song that she had requested with the band and I thought that was adorable.  

I started liking Sugarland back when their first hit came out, "Baby Girl".  It's a song about a girl who leaves home to follow her dreams.  One time when we were on an 18 hour road trip with my family from Chicago to Rhode Island I remember belting it out in the car with my mom and sisters.  It was probably four in the morning and we had been in the car way too long, but we sang our little hearts out to stay awake.  It's a great memory and that's the only thing I think of when I hear that song.  They played it, and that was the best part of the night for me.

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