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Friday, May 11, 2012

Summer is Coming!

You know what happens this weekend?!! 

It's a big weekend in our world because the pools open in town!  Derek will be hard at work making sure that everything is perfect, and that also means that summer is here!!  Well, just about here.  This morning on my run I was freezing in the 65 degree weather, but the forecast says 80 degrees and mostly sunny for tomorrow!

I don't really get around to hanging out at outdoor pools all that often in the summer, but there is something exciting about the first day the pools are open. 

Here's what else I'm looking forward to this summer...

* More running outside
* Summer weddings
* Planning/hosting my sister's baby shower
* Eating outside at restaurants
* Playing tennis and golf with Derek
* Day trips to the beach to learn to surf
* Getting to see my family THREE times!!
* Grilling with Derek
* Earlier practice times so that I will be done with work before 7 each night!!

Enjoy the weekend!

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