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Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 3: Workouts

This was a pretty good week of training, as well.

Monday:  6 miles
Tuesday:  4 miles
Wednesday:  off
Thursday:  3 miles
Friday:  5 miles
Saturday:  off
Sunday:  off

Total Miles:  18

Don't let Saturday and Sunday fool you.  I spent both days at a swim meet and was on my feet all day!  So while I didn't run...I'm not sure I'll call them recovery days.

I'm definitely starting to notice a difference in my ability to go farther faster.  I'm enjoying my runs more. They seem to go by so quickly!

Foot Update:  The tops of my feet still hurt a little bit in the mornings and the day after my run.  I haven't seen an actual doctor yet, but I am trying to work on my calf flexibility to help.  The pain has gotten no worse as I've upped my running though, so I'm hoping that it's nothing serious.

Happy Monday everyone!


Paula said...

looks like you're training is going really well! great job - so proud of you!

Lauren said...

Thanks Paula!

carol said...

I am proud of you too and wish I had half your energy!!

Lauren said...

Thanks Mom!