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Monday, May 28, 2012

Workouts: Week 6

Well, here we are, 6 weeks in!  I've almost made it to my June 1 day of starting marathon training.  I am really starting to run faster, but without realizing it.  I'll check my watch at the end of a run and be shocked by my pace.  That's so fun for me!  I am finding 4 mile runs, that were kind of tough when I started, are now my simple short runs.

We are getting some hot humid weather here and it has been kind of tough to run the past few days.  I have pushed through though, done some extra strength training, and this weekend, because it was a holiday weekend, I told myself it was OK to take a day off.  Either way, I had a pretty good week!

Monday:  5 miles
Tuesday: 4 miles w/hills
Wednesday: off
Thursday:  6 miles w/hills and a 45 minute long strength and core class
Friday:  off
Saturday:  3 miles fast!
Sunday:  Intense core and strength training

Total:  18 miles

I feel good with the workouts I have been doing.  I'm getting stronger and I am working out consistently, but I don't feel burnt out.  I love mixing in the hills because it breaks up the workout and it makes the next run without hills feel like a breeze.

June 1 is the day I gave myself for starting the long runs.  That means that this week I switch from "getting in shape for marathon training" to "marathon training".  I'm a really nervous and I really excited all at the same time.  I am so happy that I have my sister to talk to because Catherine is training for this marathon also.  Even though she is halfway across the country, we talk on the phone every now and then and when I am nervous about my training, she always makes me feel better.  It's nice to have something like this to connect us.  She's a pretty bad ass athlete though, so I hope I can train enough to keep up with her come October 7.  We will see :).

Stay tuned to see how I do...

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Paula said...

you're doing great! keep it up!!!